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"With the Dances With Films Festival 2015 having been such a daunting film watching event for one movie geek, sadly some stellar work inevitably falls through the cracks.  One such gem recently brought to our attention was an original and at times heartbreaking drama titled "Lola’s Last Letter."  In the film a young twenty-two year old ex-con named Lola decides to create a video apology letter for a mysterious man named Henry as a penance of sorts for unknown events.  The film is the brainchild of director/writer/producer/actress Valerie Brandy (who also served as editor - but refused to take the extra credit!) and it’s truly a powerhouse piece of work from someone so young.  Not to mention that as an actress, Brandy is breathtakingly real and raw as the emotionally barren Lola – her work utterly unforgettable...


An important voice for her generation, the utterly delightful Valerie Brandy goes from the gut on all subjects with to give rare insight into her bold choices – both dark and light.  Complex, captivating and in her own words.


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-- Jason Coleman, StarPulse

-- Jennifer O'Connell,

                 The Examiner

"Lola's Last Letter explores atonement and redemption with a unique twist... 


Brandy does a fine job of bringing youthful exuberance coupled with angst to her role, while also weighting Lola with a gravity, destiny, and raw honesty. You know Lola has done something horribly wrong, but as she wrestles with the guilt and the consequences of her actions, you desire that she find absolution. Brandy makes you care for this troubled young woman, and you find yourself rooting for these positive changes in her life and desire to see this healthier and potentially redemptive relationship succeed.


Travis Quentin Young is a revelation as Sam, evoking old Hollywood leading man charm and presence. He is alluring and charismatic, with Clark Gable swagger and sexiness, and a larger-than life presence. Their chemistry is sweet, silly, and passionate, evoking all the happiness and warm fuzzies that young love does. They make the courtship and deepening relationship believable and fun to watch, a perfect augment to the heaviness of the subject."


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Valerie Brandy Nominated for Best Principal Actress in a Feature Film by Los Angeles Film Review for her portrayal of Lola in Lola's Last Letter:

"The Feature Film “Lola’s Last Letter,” written, directed by, and starring Valerie Brandy, is set to have its world premiere at the famed TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood as part of the Competition Lineup at Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles, California on June 5th 2015. As part of the movie’s outreach, the filmmakers have collected thousands of anonymous apology letters from fans on social media." 


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