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"I Was Jealous of You."

I'm so sorry that I ever said and did those mean things. You never deserved it, any of it. You deserved to be happy and I couldn't handle it because I was jealous of you. I was mad that you found your happiness and were leaving to pursue it. Leaving me behind to scramble to find my own happiness when I had none. It's not your fault that I couldn't find what I was looking for, and I know that now. I couldn't see past myself back then, and I'd give so much to have you know and forgive me for what I did. I want you to know that you have something that very few people have, you have positivity and light and you made me so confident to be who I was. I'm sad that I had to mess it up and never be able to spend time with you again, but as sorry as I am, there is a small part of me that is happy that it happened - someone like me shouldn't be around someone like you anyway, I sucked up your light. Share it with the world, I'll watch from afar.

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