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"I'm Sorry for Taking the Time We Had Left Together for Granted."

i'm sorry for taking the time we had left together for granted. you are my best friend and even though its only an hour difference between us, we havent met in over a year. i miss you. i love you. you are my other half, my sister. i see the house you used to live in every day. i see the window of the room we watched holes in. i remember drinking hot chocolate in your kitchen after sledding in your backyard. i remember the beginning of our friendship that started in your front yard with a pink soccer ball. it was 13 years ago but it feels like yesterday. everything about the house is different now, but the memories of you are still there. in that sense, has it really changed? have you really left? it doesnt feel like youre gone anymore. i doesnt feel like anything has changed. but oh god have things changed.

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