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"I'm Sorry That I Will Never Be Good Enough."

Im sorry that I will never be good enough. I feel like I spend every moment of every day reaching for your approval; it's all I ever wanted. Instead, you pull out any reason to find a flaw in me. "You fuck up" you'll scream at me. "All you ever do is fuck up, you'll never do anything good." Well,.. maybe you're right. And for that, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that forgot that one item from the list of groceries you told me to get. I'm sorry didn't do perfectly in school. I'm sorry that sometimes I'm too sad to talk, so you think I have an attitude. I'm sorry I said "ok" to you, and you thought I was talking back. I'm sorry that I'm such a fuck up. Maybe one day, I wont be here anymore so you don't have to deal with my mistakes.

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