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"Sorry for Ruining Your Relationship."

Hi. This is something that we may have talked about about you know how I suck at expressing myself properly. There was a time when we were best friends, were inseparable, I mean people called us soulmates for heaven's sake! But then you know what all happened. I wish it never happened. I wish we never fell for the same guy. Because that was when things started to get real weird. I know you even asked me before you started dating him him. And I said yes. Because it would have been selfish on my behalf. I tried my best not to let my emotions surface. I swear I tried. But then there came a time when I couldn't understand what to do. I couldn't understand myself. All those emotions that were bottled up started to reflect on my behaviour. I was annoyed, upset, frustrated and mad at you, at him, and most importantly, at myself. And then it was because of me that you guys broke up. Your best friend was the reason behind your break up. I am sorry, I am so so sorry. Things were okay after that, until I shifted to some place else. And things got ugly. You were upset and when I should have been there for you, I just. I used to force my opinions on you, took his side rather than yours. I was, in short, terrible at being your friend. And now things have changed. I have changed. You have changed. I have new friends, you have new friends. And in between, our friendship got lost somewhere. We drifted apart. We may talk to each other, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore. And we both know it. I am so sorry. Sorry for being such a horrible a friend. Sorry for ruining your relationship. Sorry for not supporting you when you needed someone the most. I am sorry. I never wanted this to happen to us. I miss you, I miss us being the way we were. I am sorry.

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