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"To My Ex."

To my ex. Dear ex I just want to apologize for everything that I did wrong. we had a perfect relationship and after we broke up we were best friends. we were there for each other and once you held my hand and kissed and you had a girlfriend ... but i'm sorry for breaking a promise i said i would never break . and you've been mad at me and won't tell me why idk if it's because of the promise bc you said everything was fine and i was forgiven . and then you said you never wanted to hear of me again . and i'm just sorry for whatever i did to mess our friendship up , i'm also sorry for falling for you over and over again. once you said you stopped talking to me bc i needed space but i think you just didn't want both of us to fall in love again and im so sorry for the damage ive done to myself and you. see you saturday ... after a long time of not hearing from me. I love you.

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