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"I'm Sorry I Disappeared on You."

Dear -------,

I've never really said this to your face before. But it stays with me.

I'm sorry I disappeared on you. I should've had the courage to tell you why. To give you closure. But instead I just never answered your calls, your texts. Now that I know what it's like to be bailed on, I feel horrible for what I did to you.

In case, by some crazy twist of fate, you're reading this, I want you to know that it's for you. Your favorite color is red, you're a waiter going to CSU Northridge, and we met at the Oaks Gourmet near Franklin when we were both waiting for a UCB show. We dated for three weeks.

I disappeared on you because I'm a coward, and I didn't have the courage to tell you that I didn't see it going anywhere. Also, I figured that maybe it wouldn't hurt your feelings if I disappeared, because you probably didn't like me that much anyway, right?

Messed up, I know.

Sorry, again--

magic act.



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