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"I Never Got the Chance to Tell You How Outstanding You Were."

"I'm sorry, I never apologized to you. I never got the chance to tell you how outstanding you were, as a friend, a lover and a person. I never got the chance to tell you of the many things, I had hoped for in your life. I have written many letters over the years with no place to send them. after a while they became letters to myself, a reminder of something long gone. of something wonderful, I am glad I know where you are. I am glad you are well and that your life is good. I hope you are as good with him as we were at first, even if its half that, you two should be great. I miss you. I've missed you for ten years. I love you, still and forever. I still dream of you, I still imagine those people on the street to be you. I still see you in every seat."

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