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"I Can't Not Say Sorry."

Dear Peter, If there is one thing i regret, it's my mistakes that I made with a selfish heart. During the first 6 months of our relationship I was fucking my ex. Every word out of his mouth was a manipulation. And I knew it...And I gave in so easily. There's nothing I can do to justify it. I ache with the thought of you finding out, because when I reach out my arms for you, you are there. If you were to ever know you would surely leave, and I will be empty. But you will move on quickly from the tramp who screwed you over. I, however, will keep reaching my arms out for you on the slim chance that you will reach back. As selfish as I being with my hurt from what I've done, I can't not say sorry. I lied, I hurt you. I'm sorry that you will only see me as the mistake I made and not as the girl who fell so madly in love with you. Sincerely Charlie

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