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"I'm Sorry for Every Time I Ever Snapped at You."

I'm sorry for every time I ever snapped at you. Every time I raised my voice, yelled, called you awful names. I'm sorry for every time that you cried so hard but I kept going. I was blinded by my own anger and pain from things you had nothing to do with. I want nothing more than to fix all the wrong I did, and love you. You may decide to give me one last chance, and I hope and pray to God that you do. But if you decide you want nothing to do with me anymore I wouldn't blame you. I don't know if you will ever hear about this and if you decide not to give us one more try, then I'm afraid I can't stay here anymore. I might say goodbye one last time if that happens but more than likely I won't have the strength to. You're gonna make a big difference in this world, I always knew you would. I hope you don't forget me if you leave and I hope you remember the times I was lucky enough to make you smile. I'm sorry for everything and I wish I would have the chance to kiss you again. I wish I had never hurt you or made you cry. -"bun"

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