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"I'm Sorry I Like You Wasn't Enough."

I'm sorry that I didn't think you were worth the risk. I'm sorry we can't ever be more than friends because of the limitations I've placed on myself. I'm sorry that you'll never know what all those skype calls, the time we worked on our film together, the smiles from across the room meant to me. I'm sorry that I won't be the one to explore what love is with you. I'm sorry that I couldn't muster the courage to say everything I've always wanted to say to you in person. I'm sorry that my indecision made the decision that we'd never have a chance together. You were the first person that grasped my attention the beginning of time we knew each other and you'll be the last person I think about when our time together ends. Maybe you were a lesson that I should have taken more risks, but I didn't want you to be a lesson. Maybe you were the goal I had wanted all this time, maybe you were the reason I always felt I could have accomplished more. When we first became friends I had so much trouble figuring out how to talk to you and I still do at times but I just keep getting drawn back to you. I wish the silences we would have would have been intimate and not a normal occurence. I know you know I have feelings for you but there's so much drama that would happen if we were ever together. I'm sorry I like you wasn't enough KLD.

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