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"I'm So Sorry for the Way I Treated You Some Sixteen Years Ago."

Theresa Dyal, I am so sorry for the way i treated you some sixteen years. I was a rotten person and did not know how to have a healthy relationship back then. I really did love you and you were the first true love of my life. when you left you took my heart with you. Not that this is an excuse for my behavior or anything like that. here is my explanation. I was an abused child who was taken from an abusive household and put into a state hospital for kids. When it was deemed i was able to leave they dumped me back into the same shitty situation i was taken from. They say kids learn from what they see and experience when they are young. well that was the case with me. it wasn't until after you left and many years it took me to figure that out. i miss your friendship and i tried to reach out to you a few times but it seems like you are still holding a grudge. I never meant to call you names like i did but it was out of frustration and my own stupidity. i hope you can one day forgive me. Scott k.

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